Where “real” women and men compete in the most deadliest sport in the world!

“Professional Bull Riding, or ‘PBR’, has been nameds the “fastest growing sport” in the United States that began in 1992″ and is a Global Sport now….
by Forbes financial expert, Mike Ozanian
“Now more than ever, there has been a resurgence of cowboys on screen, as well as a redefining of what a cowboy (and cowgirl) is and what they can be”
Feb 7, 2023, movieweb.com
The Bull Riders movie is a modern Western filled with action and drama about “Cowgirl Bull Riders”.  Women who truly compete toe to toe against men in the most “extreme” and “dangerous” sport on the planet.
The Bull Riders movie is the brain child of Mr. Ray Saniger.  It’s being released at a critical and tumultuous time for women in their pursuit of equity and to prove that they can compete with men and “any gender” on a truly equal and “level” basis and in the most extreme and dangerous sport of “extreme sports”…Bull Riding.
Only the bravest and craziest will try this sport!
The Bull Riders movie is slated to be filmed in Antelope Valley, California with a global theatrical release date near Christmas 2023.
Our production budget is $30,000,000.

Bull Riding is THE most dangerous sport in the world!

For 8 seconds, bull riders try to hold onto a bronking bull that weighs between 1500 to 2000 pounds, some of whom have killed people, all while trying to keep a winning form or technique.